Rolex 24: Fuel, Fire and Passion…literally

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The likelihood of understanding what can go wrong on a race weekend is as equally difficult as determining what might go right. The Stevenson Motorsports Camaro experienced a fuel hose leak which ignited and caused a fire during the first practice on Thursday but nevertheless, the team worked amazingly and rebuilt the car to have it ready for one qualifying lap.

In the hands of Matt Bell, the car qualified but it sounds easier than it is. You see the weekend is bookended by two races for Matt. The Continental Tire Challenge Series (CTCS) and the Rolex 24 Grand Am race. That’s a huge work schedule to hold on to and to give you an idea of what Matt faced, imagine if you will…

Rolex 24 practice in an Audi R8 for APR Motorsports just ahead of the Continental Tire Challenge Series qualifying. Matt Literally had to jump out of the Audi at session-end, run down the pit lane and jump into the Camaro that was recently rebuilt due to a fuel fire. Two distinctly different cars, in the way they handle, and one having just been rebuilt with no shake down.

The Camaro ran wonderfully and Matt placed the car in 7th for the CTCS race! PAy particularly close attention to the GT series in the Rolex 24 because the competition is massive this year.

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