Rolex rolls Hublot, time for a black-eyed advertisement?

Sure, Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone got rolled for his Hublot timepiece and he showed the world his trauma on an ad for the high-end watchmaker. Yes, he may wear a Hublot or two and the brand became the official timekeeper of F1 but that is about to change next year as Rolex has got their timing right for becoming the official timekeeper of the world’s most advance form of motor sport.

“Without question Rolex is the partner of choice for a world class sporting series like Formula One.”

“The brand’s prestige, the excellence of its watches as well as Rolex’s passionate and long-standing commitment to motor sports gives it true credibility. This partnership is something that many people interested in Formula One will have been waiting for and should rightly be excited about. Rolex has incredible sporting heritage and therefore Formula One is the right place for Rolex to be,” added Mr Ecclestone.

New Rolex’s for everyone! I must admit that I have never owned a rolex and am bereft of the nuance, character and precision of the brand but then a Valjoux 7750 works in about any case doesn’t it? I jest!! I have an Omega Schumacher watch and a series of Chris Ward watches that I have become very fond of but should rolex like to send me a Daytona in Silver with black leather, I would be happy to report back to all of you about my experiences with the timepiece.

I’ve always admired rolex for their craft and models but have not purchased one due to other uses of my income but many friends I know have them and really are Rolex fanatics. I’ll know that Rolex has really made an impact on the sport when I get my watch in the mail or Ecclestone takes his Hublot off and replaces it with a Rolex.

“This is an exciting step for us at Rolex as the fit between Formula One and our brand feels very natural and, like all great partnerships, needs little explanation,” said Gian Riccardo Marini, Chief Executive Officer of Rolex SA.

“In our respective fields, Rolex and Formula One embody the spirit of adventure, superlative engineering and a strong desire to push the limits of technology. These aspirations are enormously appealing to younger generations,” he added.

Oh, and we make watches too. Did I mention we make watches?

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