UPDATED: Rolling Speed #3- Testing


Thanks for the feedback folks, we did revisit the audio portion of the video and have balanced it for a smoother transition. Thanks again for your feedback and desire to make Rolling Speed the best it can be.

Testing is like a harbinger of hope in a dull, winter season. It is the siren song for weary and bleary Formula One fans to throw off the blankets and Vick’s Vaporub and to start dreaming of F1 again. While this magical event unfold each year, there are always difficulties in getting your head around the actual event because as most anyone will tell you, you can’t tell anything by testing. You can’t predict a car’s pace or how a season will unfold by following testing.

The only way you can watch testing is by attending the circuit and if you are committed, you may follow a journalist’s Tweets, which is very nice of them to do, but testing really could use a serious consideration on how this magical event can transform into something more meaningful to teams, drivers and fans.

Join Paul and me as we share just a few, simple thoughts on the concept of testing and what we think about the event that exposes the first signs of life in a new Formula One season.

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