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Join me for a quick chat about the Williams Hybrid Power Flywheel system. Grace always refers to it as the Ninja Flywheel of death and many fans wonder why a system, good enough for Audi and Porsche at Le Mans, isn’t being used in Formula One. hopefully I’ve kept this topical enough not get into the weeds with the mathematics behind it. Just a simple explanation of how it works and why it isn’t used in Formula 1. Enjoy.

You can learn more about Williams Hybrid Power right here.

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Why on God’s Green Earth does this flywheel weight 300 pounds?


Great presentation.
And Jack flash’s formula is right… so the weight will never go down until they use magnets in a vacuum for bearings to achieve 300,000 rpm or more (the AF has one such device – see AV Week, 2 or 3 years ago looking for almost perpetual motion).
And at 300 lbs, I can see the NASA electrical generation system being deployed to greater effect and more juice for the already on-board electric drive systems.


Much of the weight will be due to the containment needed to stop a disintegrating carbon flywheel from tearing through the car and or driver. One point Todd, the flywheel doesn’t generate any energy, it simply stores it for re-use later, but other than that it is a good presentaion. Do you think that with the greater capacity ERS being introduced in 2014, the flywheel system will start to make more sense than batteries? Also, the restriction on weight distribution was introduced when the tyre supplier changed to Pirelli, so that all teams would be on an even footing for… Read more »


I bet the boys at Williams are smart enough to program those two electric motors to not only apply the right amount of hp for each corner, but to apply the right amount of hp to each wheel to help the car turn and put power down on exit.