Ron Dennis leads effort to support the NHS staff

Former McLaren owner and boss, Ron Dennis, parted company with the corporation he built from 1981 to 2017. After some difficult years and boardroom rumbling, Dennis departed McLaren and is now heading an effort to support the NHS for the next three months.

“Our target is to deliver 1,000,000 meals in 3 months – where it is needed most – to the epicentre of the war effort against Covid-19. We applaud the immense efforts of every individual and organisation that have already put their shoulders behind helping the heroes on our NHS front-line. We’re all in this together. I am specifically appealing to the business community and the business leaders to get involved by supporting to achieve the ambitious target.”

Teamed with Nigel Harris, Absolute Taste and co-founder of, said:

“…the scientists will find the vaccine for Covid-19 I have no doubt. The front-line NHS medical teams need to treat their patients – to do that they need medicines, beds, ventilators, PPE – and they themselves need what every human needs to function: water, sleep, support and food – that’s where we can help in the war against Covid-19 – we can make sure they get quality, nutritious & balanced food – over a sustained period. So they can do what they do. This is what has been set up to do”

In written word, their mission sounds simple but there’s no doubt the COVID-19 battle is a challenge on many levels and the logistics of getting meals delivered to NHS staff during a lockdown seems daunting. Then again, Ron lives for this kind of challenge and one would presume that the deliveries would be very clean. Ron is a notorious neatness free so this is a good thing.

Good on Ron and the team who are trying to assist those who are assisting the people of the UK.


Hat Tip: Salute the NHS org

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