Ron Dennis To Announce His Retirement This Week!

Ron Dennis
According the the Sunday Times, Ron Dennis will announce his departure from McLaren sometime this week.

In a story carried by Planet F-1, Ron Dennis, while under no pressure from current McLaren shareholders, will announce his departure from McLaren. I am still struck as to a wholesale departure since he is a stockholder but perhaps he will announce that he is stepping down as team principle but retaining his Chairman position.

If he is completely removed from all three posts at McLaren, then I would surmise that Mercedes indeed did force him out. If he retains a position that sees less requirements on a daily basis from Ron, then I would say it was a joint decision. I truly want to give Ron the benefit of the doubt and suggest that perhaps this divorce is looming very heavy on his mind and that he wants to, at 61, spend time with his family. There is nothing wrong with that but it is odd that a man who arguably is one of the most powerful in F1 would walk away from it all. A man who spent his life in F1 and created an empire would find it hard to just stop completely. I suspect some very difficult shareholder meetings. No matter what I think of Ron in this past year; I am saddened by the prospect of his departure from F1. I would not wish this result on anyone, especially Ron. That being said, I have been stunned at his actions this past year and would understand Mercedes seeking a new direction.

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