Ron Dennis to make big changes at McLaren

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When you have the worst season in decades, you tend to start thinking of a few changes and that’s what McLaren is doing. While a bad season may have signaled a need for change, I suggest that change started with Mansour Ojjeh’s double lung transplant surgery in November and the transfer of his role to his brother, Aziz.

It seems that this turmoil has also seen a renewed role for former CEO Ron Dennis who was recently made group chief executive, which is effectively the role Martin Whitmarsh has held.

Now that those changes have been made, Dennis is back at the helm of the F1 team and made an announcement to the team as Mr. Noble at AUTOSPORT reports:

“My fellow shareholders have mandated me to write an exciting new chapter in the story of McLaren, beginning by improving our on-track and off-track performance,” he said.

“Over the coming weeks I intend to undertake a thorough and objective review of each of our businesses with the intention of optimising every aspect of our existing operations, whilst identifying new areas of growth that capitalise on our technologies, and where appropriate further investing in them.”

That doesn’t bode well for Mr. Whtimarsh. Dennis let it be known that nothing is off the table including a change of team boss in his 20-minute speech to employees.

Could we see Whtimarsh put out to pasture and Ron Dennis back in the chair on the pit wall? Time will tell but something has to give at McLaren as losing Paddy Lowe and Lewis Hamilton haven’t done a thing to enhance their performance. Will removing Whtimarsh see Dennis in the seat or will there be another team boss that fits the bill?

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