Ron Walker: 1939-2018

Ron Walker was a man invested in philanthropy, public service and commitment to Melbourne and as this was his driving force, he also happened to be the man who built the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne to a level it has become.

Ron was one of Formula 1’s most influential race promoters and was the chairman of the Formula One Promoters Association until his retirement in 2015. Ron was a close friend of former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone but there were times of disagreement with the current hybrid engine gaining his most recent criticism.

Ron’s commitment to F1 and Mr. Ecclestone made for a strong ally in the promoters’ association and the relationship between he and Ecclestone surely aided in making Melbourne the opening race of F1 season all the years.

Ron passed away today at the age of 78 after battling illness and will be remembered as a man whose commitment to F1 and the Australian Grand Prix was only shadowed by his love and commitment to Melbourne and Australia.

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Tom Firth

Sad to read about Ron Walker. Did a huge amount for racing in Australia, both on two wheels and four as the company he chaired also promoted and organised the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.