Ron’s assurance

If you score pole position and keep your much heralded teammate behind you and then pull over to let him go by and win his home grand prix; you get praise from Ron Dennis-the team owner who champions no team orders at McLaren.

Oddly, Lewis didn’t need the help and could have passed Kovy on the first pit stop as his racing pace was brilliant and his strategy was perfect.  Kovy said he ran wide on five but upon replay he was braking way early and on the straight when Lewis passed him.  He didn’t do much to mask the move either.  I doubt Lewis will return the favor and honestly Lewis was driving so well’ Ron should have just let it play out…you know, they way that McLaren say they always approach a race.  Give it a rest.  Great job Lewis; you deserve the win irrespective of the team orders.

“He qualified superbly yesterday and clearly showed that he too is truly world-class,” said Dennis. “He shouldn’t feel too disappointed today because he demonstrated once again that his racing skills are beyond question. His time will come.”

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