Rookie-gate! Day 3

TestingEverything in F1 has become a “gate” of some sort so sticking with that dog-eared, nonsensical phrase we here at F1B bring you “Rookie-gate”. Yes, the testing at Jerez has everyone on pins and needles and it couldn’t be more nail-bitingly exciting as to watch which rookie puts himself in the shop window with the most panache.

Rookies in line for a seat at one team are testing for a completely different team. Some rookies are gaining accolades for being last. Other rookies are being shuffled around like cattle at an auction. The abuse, misuse and overall herd mentality at this years off-season Jerez test is one of political intrigue and controversy rendering the entire thing “gate” worthy is it not? Even if you don’t agree, F1 does and has set a new precedent on labeling everything a gate and who are we to deviate from that critical motor sport parlance?

So for those of you are watching the political drama unfold, here are the latest times from Day 3 of Rookie-gate:

1. Ricciardo Red Bull 1m17.418s 77
2. Di Resta Force India 1m18.736s + 1.318s 53
3. Paffett McLaren 1m18.746s + 1.328s 59
4. Conway Brawn 1m19.096s + 1.678s 77
5. Hulkenberg Williams 1m19.226s + 1.808s 106
6. Baguette Sauber 1m19.356s + 1.938s 70
7. Turvey McLaren 1m19.358s + 1.940s 32
8. Ericsson Brawn 1m19.382s + 1.964s 49
9. Di Grassi Renault 1m19.602s + 2.184s 123
10. Hildebrand Force India 1m19.873s + 2.455s 41
11. Sanchez Ferrari 1m21.147s + 3.650s 39
12. Zampieri Ferrari 1m21.279s + 3.861s 42
12. Zipoli Ferrari 1m21.725s + 4.307s 41
13. Hartley Toro Rosso 1m22.493s + 5.075s 50
15. Bortolotti Toro Rosso 1m23.271s + 5.853s 34
16. Tung Renault 1m32.477s + 15.059s 4

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