Rosberg: Could have had 5th

Nico Rosberg figures he could have had fifth place today in the Spanish Grand Prix had it not been for some mysterious problem with the car.

“I really believe we could have been fifth, but things didn’t go to well,” said the German. “I had a good time early on, but after 10 laps or so, I started to experience a problem at the rear of the car which I’ve had all weekend.

“Something inexplicable would just happen and affect the balance, which caused a lot of oversteer. Oddly enough, it would then be okay again. As this was happening throughout much of the race, I couldn’t really push and that really hurt me.”

Okay, I am not the sharpest tack on the cork board but I have been watching F1 for a long time. I have seen a lot of things from a lot of teams. I have witnessed odd tactics, strange performance-hampering decisions et. al. I am bereft of the logic behind what is happening to Williams F1 this year!

I am just putting this out there; can anyone clue me in to why Williams F1 looks fast, terrific during practice and even qualifying and then do nothing but fade to the back of the grid during the race? I have the strange sensation of running out of guesses and blaming it either on team strategy sucking or the drivers sucking and I really thought Nico was the real deal here. So, smart people; help me understand. Thank you in advance.

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