Rosberg to join…?

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RosbergLet’s unpack the possibilities for Nico Rosberg in 2010. Rosberg says he is happy at Williams but is exploring all options. This is more than likely the case as he has been linked to talks with BMW while Brawn GP and McLaren have expressed interest as well.

We’ve tossed McLaren, BMW, Renault and Williams as potential but Brawn GP has an interesting allure to it. The Brawn GP option is only good if they can keep their development program in full swing and lately that seems to be in question.

BMW would be a nice fit for the German driver and possibly the best opportunity for a number one status although Renault would likely offer this if Fernando Alonso does indeed go to Ferrari in 2010—a rumor since denied. It was also reported that Christian Klien is heading to BMW due to contract obligations.

McLaren has appeal as an option for a good team and car as I don’t feel McLaren will miss the plot next year in their car development. The gamble is the same as Heikki Kovalainen finds himself—number two to Lewis Hamilton.

Staying at Williams certainly retains his number one status at the team but it does bring in to question whether he will see victory at Williams F1 given the teams lack of performance over the last decade. Rosberg was very loyal but there is a time when loyalty can take a toll on a drivers career.

If Alonso leaves Renault—I say this is the best move for Rosberg. BMW would be my second option as I also feel they will gather their thoughts and get back on the scent of the trail in 2010. Williams would be third on my list as McLaren would be fourth and Brawn GP fifth. What are your thoughts on Rosberg’s best move? How do you rank the options and what options would you add to this list?


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