Rosberg to leave Williams for FOTA series?

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Right up front, I must admit that the source for this is not something I have verified so at this point I will consider it rumor and post it for the sake of discussion because at some level, it does make sense.

Apparently, according to GMM and we all know the prevailing opinion of some of their stories, Nico Rosberg announced that he would be willing to leave Williams F1 (his contract is up this year anyway) for a FOTA team and fancies that a FOTA series would be a better option and bigger draw. I agree with that sentiment and it sounds like something Nico might say. Apparently he said:

“If all the big teams and drivers are there, I believe the FOTA championship would be more attractive than the formula one championship,” he said at Silverstone on Saturday.

I’m not calling GMM’s integrity in to question or suggesting this is not a good story but I have not found another source from any media other than reprints of the story. you decide.


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