Ross Brawn Endorses Jenson Button

Ross Brawn has spoken out about his impressions on Jenson Button

Many have asked what Ross would do with which driver or waht changes, if any, would be made to the dirver line-up. In what could only be described as a job security nudge for Jenson Button, Ross Brawn has shared his confidence in the young British lad.

“There are some drivers who win races they shouldn’t, and that was the case with Michael. Now I don’t know what level Jenson is at, but I’ve no reason to think he won’t be at that level. What I have seen are occasions when there is this equalisation of the cars and he has always been quite prominent.

“You look at when Fernando Alonso was at Minardi. He was always one of the quickest drivers in the wet because those conditions had an equalisation effect. So you look for those things, and I see Jenson quite strong in those conditions out of ratio with where he should be because of the car he has driven. So he has the characteristics, no doubt. He’s already won a race, and he’ll win a lot more if we give him the equipment.”

That being said, I think Ross can recognize talent and has a known entity in Rubens. Perhaps Jenson is safe for now but according to Grace, and I agree with her, Honda is his only hope. So it’s important that Ross thinks he’s in the right team at the right time.

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