Honda announced that Ross Brawn will be joining the team for 2008 as their team principle. Nick Fry to remain as Chief Executive.

While the glossy outer-coating of this seems like a great deal for Honda, Jenson and Rubens; I can’t help but wonder if Ross knew a little more on the Stepney-gate issue than we are lead to believe. After all, it was Honda that Nigel used his pilfered technical data was being to woo and Ross was among the three people to be rumored as in negotiations with Honda. Forming a veritable Honda dream-team if you will.

As Nick so aptly put it, Ross needs no introduction but did Ross know that Nige was shopping technical data and the promise of Coughlan, Stepney and Brawn as the package? Surely he was in communication with Nige. Also, it will be interesting to see if Luca or Jean will have anything to say about Ross’s move. If they feel Ross was involved in the issue and they failed to retain his services; the gloves are off. I doubt it is any secret that they would have liked to have retained Ross at Ferrari but was Jean willing to step aside as principle?

The entire Ferrari change from Monza 2 years ago have been odd. Schumi’s lack of interest in Luca. Jean’s obvious body language about the whole issue. Ross’ departure and Nigel’s errant behavior. While Macca and Renault are taking heat for possessing other teams technical data, Ferrari seem to be experiencing a moment of fragmenting corers on their otherwise rock of a team. I know they won the title but if you put the pieces together, it seems odd. Ferrari not willing to place Ross in the obvious role he has grown into is just another odd happenstance in the otherwise solid team. Jean and Luca have some things going on over there that are starting to seem wonky.

All that aside, here is to Honda for making a good move. The question now is: is Fernando Alonso far behind Ross in signing for Honda? With Renault in potential litigation and exclusion for 2008, Fernando needs to make sure he is joining a team that needs a clear number one champ, has resources to win and will be void of any season damning controversy. Honda may just fit the bill.

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Lucas S.
Lucas S.

Even with Brawn Honda need a new driver.

It took Ferari awhile to get back on top with the Schum. How long will it take to get jenson and Rubens to the top. Rubens ain’t no spring chicken and I don’t think Jenson is a WDC Contender (I Could be wrong). If Honda wants to be on top it’s time to get out the check book.


He is very different than Schum, but what other driver is gonna build Honda?

Lucas S.

Lucas S.
Lucas S.

I think Renault is too risky.
Williams is out (meaning I was wrong).
Honda’s chances seem better now than before.
Red Bull could still be in the running


I still for some reason expect him to show up as Renault’s driver… But like I said before it is a very dangerous gamble and he seems to be seeping into my book as the driver who either meets or bumps into scandal. And my crazy Honda theory may be wrong, heck most definitely wrong I think I may add. If reports are right, when Flav secures Ferd, $90 m in sponsorship money would be flying in. $10 m for Renault to cover, no biggie I would say. But then again if they exclude them… You know what, I’d just… Read more »