Rossi admits to settling for 2nd

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Here is a perfect example of how Bernie Ecclestone’s ‘Gold Medal’ concept would help MotoGP. If Rossi would have been racing for gold medals, he wouldn’t have settled for 2nd place and would have pushed it. Perhaps MotoGP needs Bernie’s medal idea more than F1?

“It’s a shame. We lost too much on the first lap, while Stoner was very good,” Rossi told Italia1 television.

“But after that I was making up the gap, and maybe I could have caught him, but after yesterday’s rain the asphalt became a bit more aggressive, and I had some small problems with the front tyre, so at one point I had to decide whether I should crash or give up.

“So I thought a bit, and since we knew we were a bit on the limit, I gave up. Well done to Stoner, he was quick and he deserved the win. In any case we’re second, we’ve demonstrated that we can go quick, so see you at Motegi.”


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