Rumor mill, Italian-style: Pirelli may have sealed F1 deal

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The rumor-ey side of the Interwebs is starting to bubble with word that Pirelli is the choice to be Formula 1’s tire supplier in 2011.

Here’s one site that’s posting the news:

According to indiscretions gathered by Italiaracing, Pirelli will supply the tires in the F1 world since 2011. The Italian manufacturer, which took us closer to this year providing car tires to category GP3, beat competition from Michelin and Cooper Avon. Probable that the GP2 adopt the Pirelli tires.

Now, before you jump on us for going with a rumor, a few quick rationales.

1. I’m in love with the translation above that renders some word in Italian into “indiscretions.” That’s funny on about 15 different levels.

2. I don’t think Pirelli winning is any surprise, so this seems likely to be the first wind of the confirmed news.

3. The news should be coming out any day now, so if it is leaking now, that seems about right.

4. I’m giddy over the USGP announcement.

Anyone think Luca D and Stevie D have sent some representatives, quietly, over to the Pirelli shop?


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