Rumors Of Alonso Brake Testing Hamilton…Sigh

Well it wouldn’t be a good race unless someone, I’m not naming names but Brundle and Blundell come to mind, has suggested that Fernando Alonso brake-checked Lewis Hamilton and that is why Lewis hit Fernando.

Folks, can we get past this Alonso and Hamilton debacle? Brake-checking is what DC did to Schumi at Spa in 1998, not what Fernando did to Lewis. Brake-checking is what Montoya did to Schumi in the tunnel at Monaco. Brake-checking is what Lewis did to Webber causing Vettel to get caught out and hit his teammate (ok, I throw that in there just to put some fuel on the fire. We all know that a restart is full of mind games…just kidding).

The two aforementioned gentlemen should know better than to immediately throw Alonso under the bus until they have had time to determine if the data proves Alonso actually brake-checked.

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