Russian GP Review | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 751

Join Paul and me as we review the FIA Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finish and offer our thoughts on the race, strategy and even hand out a few awards. We also read our listener email.

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Xean Drury

Great discussion as always. I’m going to be contrarian and say that Norris made the right call. Because from here forward, when the team says that rain’s coming in, he’s never going to make this same mistake again. He’s got a bright future ahead, but like you said, the reason why Sir Lewis won and Norris did not is simply team trust. ~X8

Last edited 2 years ago by Xean Drury

Yes, I guess it must experience, because Daniel made the right decision. Was the team more insistent with him, or did his experience make a difference?


Don’t forget that Riccardo has a lot less to lose. It’s easier to gamble from a low points position in the hope of moving forwards. Harder from the front as you can’t react to others pitting and have everything to lose.
I feel for Norris. It was a tough watch.