Ryan Reynolds and Le Mans | Podcast Ep 842

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Paul and me as we discuss Some F1 news, including Ryan Reynolds and Lewis’s contract, and then do a full Heart of Racing Aston Martin team Le Mans debrief!

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Great podcast (yes, I downloaded and listened that way, not as much fun as YouTube). But please allow a little light to be shed on Lewis’ contract. Pat Sajak makes $35,000,000 per year plus bonuses. That’s for Wheel of Fortune which has an audience of 2,200,000 viewers regularly and it has been affirmed that those are the same viewers each week, 23 weeks last year. Pat Sajak costs the network $15.90 per viewer and apparently after 3+ decades he’s worth it to advertisers and sponsors. Lewis wants 27,000,000 + 15,000,000 pounds a year? that’s $54,000,000 approx. Now Lewis has 33,000,000… Read more »

Xean Drury

If Lewis weren’t driving though, how many people would not watch? My hunch is a very slight fraction. That’s the only counter I have to your argument. Appreciate your POV though. ~X8

Paul G Charsley

but who would be Vanna in this scenario? Roscoe?


I was hoping someone would draw a parallel… how about Schumi Jr.?


Problem is that once he stops driving, all those figures mean nothing, look at Vettel.
Even Nico thought he’d become some famous Vlogger, ended up being a crap commentator.


Paul mentioned that they’ll be at LM again next year, is that guaranteed or do they have to reapply again?