SAFEisFAST touts the SCCA as the best place to start racing

I’ve always enjoyed the variety of SCCA events whether it was watching the SCCA Pro World Challenge series at Mid-Ohio or the club-level SCCA National Runoffs at Heartland Park Topeka. In April of 2012, while covering a local SCCA Solo event for a grassroots motorsport feature story I was writing, I started to get the itch. By June, I was an SCCA member, and by August I was in a car, dodging cones, and racing in anger! The following year, I won the Kansas City Region Solo Championship in the STF class, and took class wins in both days of our Winter Road Rally. This year in addition to Solo racing in STF and competing in TSD Road Rallies, I’m also competing in RallyCross and will be at competing in my first National Championship event in October. But I’m just this guy, you know. Nothing special. I’m a teacher. I don’t have a trust-fund, a rich benefactor, or a big corporate sponsors, yet I still am able to get out and have a grand time competing in many of the various types of motor racing the SCCA has to offer.

Ok, I’m admittedly a huge fanboy of the Sports Car Club of America, but I’m certainly not alone in my belief that the SCCA is the best place to start racing. If you don’t believe me, then would you believe Bob Varsha and Bobby Rahal? The group at SAFEisFAST put together a great video touting the SCCA as the best way to get into motor car racing. They also give a large amount of respect to and a strong recommendation of Solo racing.

Fellow Racers,
What’s the best way to get in started road racing? Well, our latest video shows you one the best places – The Sports Car Club of America.
It’s where many members of the RRDC began our careers. And today the SCCA offers a chance to participate in everything from autocross to rallycross to wheel-to-wheel racing on some of the great road circuits in North America.
Check it out at:
Bobby Rahal

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