Sainz fate secured; Kimi’s is in his hands…literally

A couple driver updates to share. First, Carlos Sainz has been retained for the 2017 season according to team boss Christian Horner:

“We took up his option earlier this week, so he is committed to Red Bull for an extra 12 months.

“As with all the drivers they are contracted to Red Bull Racing, and then we have the ability to place them where we want.

“Of course, he is currently at Toro Rosso which is where he will be next year.

“We had until the end of the year to take up the option, and we chose to do it early to put his mind at rest.”

It’s good news and Horner even intimated that Daniil Kvyat would be retained as well.

As for Ferrari…

As for the other news, it seems that Ferrari’s Sergio Marchionne is putting Kimi’s future in his hands and says either he drives like the champion he is or he find a new job:

“We are under no illusion with Kimi, his stay at Ferrari depends on the way he races,” he said.

“He really needs to show he deserves a Ferrari, otherwise I would think that to leave is his choice.

“If we can’t give a positive contribution then it’s not worth staying, and Kimi knows that.

“So, either he races like the world champion he is, otherwise…

“But I’m confident he will. Let’s support him.”

In the end, Kimi has to deliver on track and close the points delta between he and his teammate. Ferrari need all the points they can get and the job of a driver, even a number 2 if you feel he is, is to claim as much as possible and finish on the tail of the number 1 car. I’m not saying he’s a number 2 driver but even if you feel like he is, that’s the deal.


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