Sainz not happy…he has a point

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Things may not be perfectly fine over at Toro Rosso and while the top four finishers of Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix were all Red Bull young driver development drivers, there is one of them who isn’t too happy.

Carlos Sainz got his big Formula 1 break at a time when another young phenom peaked by the name of Max Verstappen—his teammate. It would be one thing to steal the media limelight over your youth at 17-yers-old but Verstappen also has the talent that has many believing he may just be the next big thing in F1.

Carlos finds himself living in the shadow of Verstappen’s bright future and Sunday added more reason for pause as the team pitted Max first even though Carlos was ahead of the young wunderkind. This didn’t please Carlos:


“I am a bit disappointed with the way we planned the pitstops,” Sainz said.

“I had a good start, but got stuck behind a Williams.

“When I tried to overtake him I asked to go for the undercut, but they didn’t give it to me.

“I don’t know why, but they gave it to Max who was behind me.

“McLaren did the same with Fernando [Alonso], even though I was also in front of him.

“Then for the last stint I was right behind Fernando when he pitted for the option [tyre] for the last part of the race, but I didn’t, while knowing the option is so much quicker.

“So there are two or three points to analyse, to see what happened, why we are not making the right decisions.”


He has a point and it’s easy to see why he would be concerned over the move. He’s already trying to remain at the top of everyone’s list of must-have’s as far as a driver goes and with the team seemingly favoring Max, it makes it hard to capture the attention of other would-be suitors by beating your teammate when the team could be preventing it. At least that’s the implication.

Carlos has been doing a very fine job in 2015 and it’s often overshadowed by whatever Max is doing due to a host of reasons one of which is his age. Regardless of DNF’s and other issues, the harsh fact is that Carlos has nine points to his name this season while Max has twenty two and that speak volumes about who gets the special treatment in a team.

We always say that a driver is measured against his teammate first and other drivers second because he’s in the same car and the simple truth is, Max is doing an incredible job but that honestly shouldn’t take away what Carlos has been doing in 2015 either. On merit he’s been driving very well, it’s just that he’s peaked at a time when Max Verstappen got his chance. Much like when Sebastien Bourdais go this shot at the same time as another kid named Sebstian Vettel did.

It seems inevitable that Carlos will continue to live in the penumbra of Verstappen but I do hope he doesn’t slowly disappear from F1 in obscurity, as Verstappen’s limelight is so bright. Carlos is a damn good driver and deserves a fair shot in F1—and that includes a team that isn’t monkeying with his race strategy in favor of the “youngest-ever driver in F1, 17-year-old Max Verstappen”. Having said that, this isn’t the way to win friends inside Toro Rosso. Calling them out publicly isn’t going to go down well with team boss Franz Tost.



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peter riva

Excellent point. Now, what we need to see is the war of the Dad’s who will, most likely, both be at Spa.

Negative Camber

My money is on Jos in an F1 car. :) If he can fit. :)

peter riva

Hey, you stole my pick… damn I’ll have to choose Carlos. Where’s Grace when we need her to arbitrate?


What?! No contest, El Matador would stomp The Boss.

Dave Domenicano

Take the pill Carlos…. you’re number 2 at Toro Rosso.

Junipero Mariano

While he is raising the question of what’s going on with the strategy and reliability, I do appreciate that he is sticking to the facts of what is happening during the races, as opposed to jumping to conclusions like “Basically he said he did it on purpose” or accusing the team of trying to kill them in the car. (?!) Also, Verstappen and Sainz were 10 and 9 points respectively going into the race. On a lighter note, how about calling him “17-year-old-Max-Verstappen” for the next twenty years? Then the joke will have come full circle and we can then… Read more »

Negative Camber

LOL…it does work that way because now people always refer to Bernie as 83-year-old Bernie Ecclestone. See how obsessed with age we are? :)

Tom Firth

NBC are just as bad with Sage Karam in Indycar, as are with “17-year-old-Max-Verstappen”

See in BTCC, instead of age, we have “Three-Times World (Touring Car) Champion Andy Priaulx” As he is noted, every single broadcast, and time that he’s mentioned!


The radio messages during the race made it sound like Carlos was holding up Max and not moving over to let him through, so they gave Max the first stop. Had Carlos let Max through to have a shot at the Williams (I think it was Bottas), then maybe the team would have called him in instead while Max was trying to get through the hard way. Not only that, but this comes across as whining about the team not treating him fairly, and no one likes a whiner. Don’t whine about how unfair it is, life’s never fair, just… Read more »


Don’t worry Carlos, soon Max will start being more interested in girls and getting hair in weird places.Then you pounce!

Ian Robinson



STR explained to Carlos why Max pitted first and Carlos was satisfied with the explanation. They wanted both cars to het in front of the Williamses’ and thought this was the best way to achief this.

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