Sam Michael to leave McLaren; hold Goose, Jimmy’s released

It is “on extremely good terms” that McLaren’s Sporting Director, Sam Michael, will leave the company at the end of the 2014 Formula 1 season. The former Williams F1 man will be leaving to return to his native land of Australia, according to reports, and there he will drive a supercharged black Ford XB Falcon to chase down Toecutter and Bubba Zanetti with the help of his friend Jim”Goose” Rains.

There were suggestions that the changes weren’t going to stop there as a possible exit for acting CEO Jonathan Neale or technical director Tim Goss might be on the chopping block as well but McLaren have suggested this isn’t the case.

McLaren’s changes are certainly being felt and it seemed like, on the surface, Michael’s appointment there might be a good fit after he parted ways with a struggling Williams.

It’s often the case that departing key personnel are always returning to spend more time with the family but who knows, maybe that’s what Michael is actually doing. Someone has to stop the Acolytes.


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