Santander extend McLaren deal

McLaren may have been in the news lately regarding a possible sabbatical for 2-time world champ, Fernando Alonso, but today is a good reminder of why it’s nice to have him around.

As a Spaniard, Alonso has always had the attention of Santander who have just renewed their sponsorship of the team. That bodes well given they just lost TAG Heuer to Red Bull. The team said:

“Our renewed partnership demonstrates a well-founded belief in the team’s ability to successfully activate brands around a shared, common vision for the future.

“I look forward to developing the relationship and hope to see it continue to go from strength to strength for both brands.”

While press reports had no comment from Alonso, they did manage to include some comments from his teammate, Jenson Button:

“I’m really pleased to continue working with Santander, as is everyone at McLaren-Honda. We’ve enjoyed a great partnership to date and I look forward to that continuing.

“While first and foremost I’m a racing driver, I’m also a passionate cyclist, and so I’m looking forward to doing more with Santander Cycles and helping encourage more people to get involved.”

The cycling angle is something interesting too in that not too long ago, Alonso was interested in starting his own team and hiring fellow Spaniard, Alberto Contador, for a run at the Tour de France. That fell through but perhaps he could now take a poke at it with Button in a Santander jersey?

Button has worked quite a lot with Santander in their marketing promotions over the years. Having first partnered together in 2007, McLaren-Honda and Jenson Button have appeared in many of Santander’s campaigns, including a number of TV adverts, the launch of Santander’s vision for a London Grand Prix in 2012, ‘Secret Santa’ customer surprises and, most recently, the ‘Summer of Cycling’ events on Santander Cycles across London.

Hat Tip: McLaren

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Paul KieferJr

Well, at least, it’s a well-timed decent distraction from the issues between Alonso and Ron Dennis.