Sato opportunities grow colder

Things are not looking promising for the forlorn Takuma Sato. First the testing session with Red Bull for a potential race drive went to Le Seb instead and then the tenacious man from Japan set his sites on a testing role for the team and Red Bull has apparently thought differently.

“I am no longer in negotiation with the Toro Rosso or Red Bull teams about their third driver positions,” he said.

“I am very disappointed that we were not able to come to an agreement with them, but you never know what is around the corner.”

Here I was thinking that Sato in an RBR car would sell a few cans of Red Bull in Japan but I would be wrong. So what will the future hold for Japan’s erstwhile F1 driver? I can onlu guess but it probably won’t be driving in F1 this year…that is unless someone needs a test driver and the las I checked, most teams are okay in that area.

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