I am officially announcing that I must be taking crazy pills because yet again, Taku Sato has turned up in F1.  I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why everyone is so desperate to get this kid in F1.If he had all the sponsor dollars he says he has, then where was it at Super Aguri?  People keep trying to place this kid in a team as if he is a Vettel or Nico or Lewis.  He is none of the above.  To be honest, I think Kazu has done a much more respectable job that Sato did.  Kazu is a tidy driver and capable of scoring points.  Sato cost team several million in damaged cars and title hopes as he ran into just about everyone on the grid.

Everyone once in a while there comes a driver who probably shouldn’t be in F1 but he had the money and the small teams needed to money.  Sato is one of those in my opinion.  Will everyone stop with the Sato talk!!  It is bordering on insulting when you have guys like Tonio, Klien, Davidson, Senna, Garcia et. al. waiting in the wings.

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