Sauber doubles down on gird girls

The WEC has banned grid girls from the series. It prompted a outraged discussion on the internet about the objectification of women and my how the opinions flew. From the “war on women” to the “we go to races to see pretty girls” comments, the internet was divided.

Other websites have grid girl photo sections and that’s fine but we’ve never been one of those sites. We tend to think about Formula 1 obsessively, not spandex-clad women at F1 races but that’s just us, we’re petrol heads.

Having gone through the uproar over grid girls, Sauber’s new video has to be a proverbial middle finger to all those who are outraged and offended by the presence of scantily clad grid girls. A real “piss off” statement and campy approach to this summer break:

Regardless of how you feel about the grid girls, no one wants that nasty bird poop on their car, let’s face it.

Now before you get in an uproar, there are ways to include grid girls in the action just a sBernie Ecclestone said back in 2010:

“Actually why not just get a beautiful girl in and draw out the drivers for the top 10 [on the grid]?”

Now, who knows? Maybe Sauber will have a follow up piece in which they reverse the plot and make a bold statement about grid girls in general. Maybe a second video coming that will have the girls being signed to take Marcus and Felipe’s seat for 2016 and winning championships in inferior cars. Who knows? Right now, they’re off the a bristling start.

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I’ll take two please.


Do people not really get why this is an actual issue? I’m all for fun and games but really do people not see it? When you go to a race and the only women you see are grid girls – yes it’s an issues – and no pointing out Clair Williams and two other women doesn’t make it okay. It’s about removing barriers so women have access to the sport in ways other than eye candy and PR. It’s not about bringing in unqualified women into position just so you can say you have a woman around but giving everyone,… Read more »


monaco had guys on the grid holding the flags and driver numbers!

the International

ironic that Sauber is the only female led team, no?

Dr T

Sorry for the upcoming joke Grace

Clare Williams
Monisha Kaltenborn
Susie Wolff nee Stoddard…

Actually – I can name a 4th… The International’s favourite F1 female driver – Carmen Jorda

but agreed that it doesn’t make it ok

Andreas Möller

Grace preaching it, and doing it well! To me, grid girls (or grid boys, for that matter) are only in the way. I prefer looking at the cars, strangely enough. And it is important that we send the message to young girls that there are other opportunities in racing than serving as eye candy for oogling 80-something men (yes, I’m looking at you, Bernie). Get rid of the grid girls/boys/signholders and applaudeurs, and focus on the cars and drivers. I didn’t find the Sauber video the least bit funny. Not in the sense that it made me angry – it… Read more »


Seriously though, how is that related to grid girls? Do some women want to be appreciated for their beauty? Yes. Do some women pursue careers based on their beauty? Yes. So why stop them. It’s their choice! If you really want to change things maybe you should encourage more females to pursue careers in the automotive field. I have worked in the automotive industry and you are judged by what you know first and foremost. You say you are female and you love F1. Are you in the automotive industry? If you aren’t then ask yourself what made you choose… Read more »

peter riva

If I have this issue right, the use of sexy women in F1 as eye candy distraction is objectionable, right? So what’s wrong with this Sauber video of rather beefy women in spandex (not nomex, but both are plastic) uniforms washing the car? Seems to me if beefy men can show their naked legs changing tires, then beefy women can wash cars, no?

(Note: written with summer season sillyness in mind)


Stop promoting anorexia in women.


peter riva

Absolutely right.


I love grid girls and all the other girls on this planet, see them all sexy and shit is just great, no way I can deny that fact, it’s just awesome. I just want more. It would be even more awesome if they would shake their butts for the camera on the grid instead of just smily faces. I’m a man and I love “cats” It’s the number one purpose of life.


In sweden we call their outfit in the video for “hum pants”
You can see the lips moving but cant hear anything.


I think they only wanted to get across that F1 needs a real summer break of two weeks by having four weeks between the “summer break” races instead of just three, into which two real weeks of complete team + factory shutdown dont really fit – since that’s currently being discussed for 2016. And they don’t seem to mind to use attractive women to get attention. It’s not really in tune with the 21st century, and I probably wouldn’t have authorised that one as their Chief Whatever Officer. But I have to admit I watched it two times.

Paul KieferJr

I’d love to respond, but I feel like I’ll step on a landmine either way, that’s not really fair to anyone, least of all me.

the International

I’m more offended by the awful script

Dr T

“Maybe a second video coming that will have the girls being signed to take Marcus and Felipe’s seat for 2016 and winning championships in inferior cars”

So Todd – let me get this straight… You are saying Sauber haven’t learnt from last year, and are going to sign four grid girls to two race seats?

Negative Camber

Zing! well played. :)


Todd, I wish you had simply not posted this. To me it seems equivalent to “liking” or “retweeting” it, and I hoped for better from this site. Anyone who thinks this kind of thing isn’t a problem is being willfully ignorant, IMO.