Saudi Arabian GP Review | Podcast Ep 828

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Paul and me as we review the F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and even discuss the intra-team friction already percolating on track. Lewis and George, Max and Sergio, Oscar and Lando…we cover it all.

We talk about the power of Red Bull’s DRS and the Alonso penalty and much more.

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Hey team, Great pod as always. Surprised you didn’t mention Mr Tost not exactly mincing his words. The article says he was joking, but I don’t think anybody was laughing. “We expected a much better car. We struggled in Bahrain; it looks a little bit different here,” he said. “I hope we are at least with one car in [Q3]. But we have to do a lot of things to make the car faster. Especially on the aerodynamic side, there are different programmes going on. “The engineers tell me that we are making some good progress, but I don’t… Read more »

Xean Drury

I would hope, regarding the jack incident, if they do make a hard & fast rule, that they would allow both jacks to be applied to the car. You have a mechanic standing right in front of the vehicle during the penalty being served. I know they have neutral and brakes, but if either or both of those would fail, drive tires in the air is a 100% guarantee of safety. ~X8


Excellent podcast, listened and watched to see what I missed 1st time around.
The issue with Max and Perez is getting worse. Can you explain what caused the rift? I may have missed the cause.
Max’s father is not a gentleman in any sense of the word. I wa hoping that, like Lewis after his 1st year, Max would improve his manners as well… nevermind.
Perez, after a horendous crash in Monaco for Sauber, could have, maybe should have, become afraid of street circuits, and yet he has retained the bravery and skills necesary. Amazing.

Mike Smith

tin foil hat theory incoming.

Is there any possibility that Max’s radio call about vibration/noise could be a ploy to have the team make a radio call to slow both cars down? A radio call that Max would ignore and close the gap to Checo? Total speculation with no way to prove. Just thinking.

Worthless Opinion

My guess, if it wasn’t exactly what Max said it was, would be that Max was starting to realize he couldn’t catch Perez that day and decided to put an excuse on the record – oops had to baby it, didn’t want to break it, coulda caught him. For whatever reason, although these guys are heroes in our eyes, most of them are tragically insecure and spin a lot of tales to others and themselves to explain shortcomings.




Kind of frightening to think the Monaco balk because of a crash would tick him off that much… on the other hand Checo IS a Monaco winner…. hmmm…