Saudi Arabian GP review | Podcast Ep 878

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Join Paul and me as we review teh Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and much more.

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In this episode, Todd and Paul review the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. They discuss Red Bull’s dominance and the internal turmoil within the team. They also talk about Ferrari’s performance and the impressive debut of Oliver Bearmann. Max Verstappen’s win and Sergio Perez’s performance are analyzed. Charles Leclerc’s third-place finish is highlighted. The discussion also includes Oscar Piastri’s impressive performance and McLaren’s performance and straight-line speed issues. The Grand Prix saw McLaren and Mercedes struggling with their car development, while Haas showed improvement in their rear tire wear. 


  • McLaren and Mercedes are facing challenges with their car development
  • Haas has shown improvement in their rear tire wear
  • Alpine and RB faced difficulties with their car
  • Williams had a decent performance
  • Ferrari made a brave call with their tire strategy
  • Bearman and Piastri had impressive drives
  • Lance Stroll received the Donkey of the Race award for his crash

Chapter Highlights:

00:00 Introduction and Sebring Preview
00:34 Discussion about the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
04:21 Ferrari’s Performance and Oliver Bearmann’s Impressive Debut
11:38 Max Verstappen’s Win and Sergio Perez’s Performance
16:09 Charles Leclerc’s Third Place Finish
27:39 McLaren’s Performance and Straight Line Speed Issues
28:40 McLaren’s Design Philosophy
29:18 Oscar’s Measured Drive
30:16 Track Position Importance
31:24 Jumpstart Controversy
32:04 Lance Stroll’s Crash
32:32 Fernando Alonso’s Quiet Run
32:58 Mercedes’ Pace Issues
34:08 McLaren and Mercedes’ Car Development
34:47 George Russell’s Lonely Race
35:17 Alpine’s Struggles
36:04 Haas’ Rear Tire Wear Improvement
37:23 Williams’ Performance
38:14 Kevin’s Defensive Driving
38:40Nico Hulkenberg’s Recovery
39:10Kevin Magnussen’s Defensive Driving
39:48Haas’ Rear Tire Wear Improvement
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How can one tell the difference between a F1 devotee and a race viewer? The devotee thought the race was exciting! The race viewer only sees predictability of the winner and falls asleep. Want proof? Less than 6 minutes in 2 hours on Sky was showing Verstappen winning. Yes, you are right and amusing about all the also-rans. Thank goodness for your humor in the podcast which always makes us laugh. Enzo said “When Ferrari wins, the whole of Italy wins.” This does not, sadly, correlate to: “When Verstappen wins, the whole of F1 wins.” Until they remove restrictions on… Read more »


As an Aussie, it was interesting to see Piastri taking on Hamilton (the two have clashed a few times already), plus, I didn’t think the race was boring, it’s always interesting to see what’s happening further on down the field.

On the whole RB Cash App etc, I’m a big fan of DR3, but I really don’t think he and Yuki will be there next year, they need to ship in Liam and some young gun, or possibly Kmag once he’s been booted from Haas (Ferrari will be keen to have Bearman in there).