Saudi Arabian GP Review | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 776

Join Paul and me as we review the F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and even discuss whether or not the new regulations are working….oh, and we talk about DRS too.

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Dan Lyons

Hi Todd, Paul, Grace.
The puck looking item you were discussing this week is the seat belt buckle.
All the best

Xean Drury

Ah! Perfect. Thank you for the information. ~X8


I thought for sure that was the Power Crystal, Dan. So, thanks for retrieving me from the brink.

Xean Drury

Regarding DRS, it always somewhat bothered me that this cast holds the opinion that DRS “Gives an advantage to only one car”. The same could be said for slip streaming, which DRS was only brought in to exaggerate. Now, if they banned slip streaming as well, then all cars would truly be equal when racing each other. That said, these cars seem to be able to attack each other so well naturally that in my opinion, it’s time to try a race or two with DRS disabled. They seem to follow well, pass well, and maybe DRS as a crutch… Read more »


From what I have seen and heard, the drivers have said that the current crop of cars can follow better – but the slipstream effect isn’t as strong. Therefore, I agree with Paul that thought should be given to where the line is, allowing DRS to simply replicate the slipstream. On that, I thought it was odd that Driver61 was pointing to how dangerous it was that cars were slowing not to be first on the straight – bloody hell, watch Moto3 racing and that is all that it is about! It also plays out on some tracks in Formula… Read more »

Xean Drury

Good points. I think the drivers regarding slow downs before straights, though complaining about it now, will quickly come to grips with this new style of racing. Like anything else. So here’s a question to all the old hats who prefer racing sans DRS: If the slip stream is basically a thing of the past with Gen 2022, would you still want the car behind to get an advantage like DRS or push to pass? Or would you prefer the sport ‘pure’? ~X8


Excellent recap, thank you. I missed something which perhaps you can answer: Was Verstappen’s ability to close assisted by the second red flag (as well as the first)? If so, is there a way to prevent this artificial gap-closer in the future?

Xean Drury

Perhaps he meant Safety car (I think there was only one though; the other was a VSC) ~X8


Appreciated Paul’s remarks about Jolyn Palmer, who I actually decided I kinda like. Except when he gets excited and makes like Minnie Ripperton. I just hope he doesn’t become overly influenced by Buxton’s halting faux drama-speak. The word “insufferable” is already lurking in the shadows on that latter.


The unanswered question from this weeks podcast. I noticed Alonso place a round puck outside his car when he finished his race and the first thing I could think of was that it was the safety release for his belts. Google isn’t being my friend my friend today but ‘can lock’ style racing harnesses have a round puck that can be turned, and sometimes removed, to unsecured the belts.