Schumacher: 2nd surgery, slight improvement, fake Priest

It’s a strange world. According to Michael Schumacher’s press chief and manager, Sabine Kehm, a journalist disguised as a priest attempted to enter Schumacher’s room. The culprit, nor the media outlet associated, have been named but it’s a sad sign that the media and journalism as a whole has come to this. I thought News of the World had closed its doors. Sabine said:

“Apparently a journalist dressed as a priest had tried to gain access to Michael’s room. I wouldn’t have ever imagined something like this could happen.”

On slightly positive note, Schumacher underwent a second surgery to remove a second hematoma and doctors held a press conference to announce the update:

“At the end of yesterday afternoon we had an improvement of intracranial pressure and we were able to carry out a scan without taking any kind on unnecessary risk,” Professor Jean-Francois Payen said.

“That scan showed a few signs that were relatively stable and I would like to underline that – in other words we had no sign that there was a worsening of the initial lesions.

“At that moment, talking to our neurological surgeons, taking into consideration his state had slightly improved, we suggested we would carry out a surgical intervention that had not been originally envisioned but that allowed us in the evening to treat in a more efficient fashion and in a more radical fashion to try and eliminate this intracranial pressure.

“This was carried out during the night with relatively good efficiency which allowed us this morning to look at new images and we were able to see that this hematoma had been evacuated in a very correct and very satisfactory fashion and we now have a few signs that currently can allow us to feel that it is better controlled than it was yesterday.”

It’s slightly good news but doctors also say there is a long way to go and caution that Michael is still very much in critical condition:

“The situation is better controlled than it was on Monday, but we are unable to say that he is out of danger, however, we now have slightly more, we have gained a bit of time, with regard to development, but once again the coming hours are still critical,” Payen said.

“This surgical intervention helped us to control the situation better and it is slightly better than yesterday, but to say he is out of danger, that I can’t answer.”

As for the accident, Sabine Kehm has spoken with some of the skiing party that was with Michael and has assembled some more details of what they believe may have happened telling Sky Sports F1:

“I think after having spoken to several people that were with Michael at the time that the group had been skiing on slopes that were normal slopes,” she said.

“There was a red slope and a blue slope and in between there was a part which was deep snow and Michael went into that. But even after that, it would seem from everything people have told me that he was not even travelling at high speed as he had helped a friend who had fallen on the piste.

“So he started to ski again, went into the deep snow and apparently what we assume is he hit a rock when he wanted to do a curve and he was catapulted in the air and apparently went head down hitting another rock.

“It was extremely unfortunate circumstances and not because he was speeding too much. It was something, I have spoken to several people – including ski instructors – and they say it can happen at 10kph. It is just very, very unfortunate.”

Let us hope that Michael continues to recovery, even if slightly, hour by hour as these moments are crucial to long-term prognosis and recovery. There are precious few positives in moments like this when the fragility of our existence is so tangibly exposed making today’s news encouraging.

Regardless, there is still hemotoma in the brain that cannot be reached and will not be addressed by the doctors and Schumacher remains in an induced coma so time, coupled with Michael’s fitness and constitution, will be key elements for the future. With any brain injury, time is critical and any long-term prognosis is predicated on how each hour progresses.

Doctors say they will not be holding daily press conferences but will do so only when there is progress to announce.



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