Schumacher ‘agrees’ to one-year Mercedes deal

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If you have faith in German papers Bild or Focus, then the Eurosport story will be big news regarding the return of Mcihael Schumacher. According to Eurosport, Schumacher has “agreed” to a one-year deal with Mercedes Grand Prix. According to Reuters, it is still strongly rumored but not completed and according to Bild, it is a verbal agreement between Mercedes boss Norbert Haug, team principle Ross Brawn and Schumacher. The Telegraph has a muted but confirming tone.


Either way you look at the reports, the parties are talking and potentially have an agreement for a one-year deal barring any Ferrari entanglements. Schumacher’s personal assistant Sabine Kehm was less dismissive regarding the notion when speaking with Andrew Benson at the BBC.

What does this mean? It means we may just see the return of the king. Always galvanizing the F1 fan base, Schumacher will return to a series he has not driven in for over three years and it remains to be seen just how competitive the Mercedes GP car will be. However, only a fool would overlook the combination of Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher. The pair have a combined 5 world championships to their name and know how to win.

Many may suggest this is a publicity stunt, unnecessary or nonsensical. Why would a 7-time champion return? Apart form the money—and I don’t think any of us believe he actually needs it—the German loves to race. He is possessed by the competition and challenge as his biography suggests. Others are salivating at the thought of Schumacher battling with Ferrari’s Alonso, McLaren’s Hamilton and Red Bull’s Sebatian Vettel. Others want to see him decimated by the youngsters and there are some who would love to see the veteran ride.

One thing is for sure, if Schumacher does return to a larger grid for 2010, ticket sales will be on the rise and would not surprise me in the least if FOM’s Bernie Ecclestone had a hand in enticing Schumacher to come back for television and ticket revenue alone.


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