Schumacher: FIA to investigate Test

You can understand that the press were anxious to get photos of Michael Schumacher’s first test on Friday. The 40-year-old German was testing a 2007 Ferrari in preparation for his first race in years as a substitute for the injured Felipe Massa.

It was also announced that Ferrari have asked the FIA and FOTA for permission to test the F60 as well so that Schumacher can come to grips with the car and more than likely, the tires.

Speaking of tires; it seems that the anxious photos of Fridays test showed slick tires on the 2007 Ferrari. As you may recall, the 2007 season did not have slick tires and the in-season ban on testing prohibits the prospect of testing current tire compounds.

Ferrari were keen to explain that the tires used Friday were from GP2 but it is understood that the FIA has asked Ferrari for clarification on the matter. Has Ferrari already tested current 2009 tire compounds or were they GP2 tires? You be the judge but we’ll keep you posted.

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