Schumacher, Hamilton avoid Yellow Flag penalties


Both Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton avoided penalties for ignoring yellow flags during Sunday’s European Grand Prix in Valencia. Hamilton was fingered during the race as possibly ignoring yellow flags but there was no further action taken. From the world feed perspective, I did not see anything that looked like Lewis ignored flags but I may have missed something.

On the other hand, stewards did have ample evidence that Schumacher had used his DRS in a yellow flag zone but it too was met with no further action:

“The Stewards considered a report that driver 7 used his DRS in a yellow flag zone and that this allegedly constituted a breach of Yellow Flag regulations [Appendix H Article]. Having examined telemetry and video evidence, and heard from the driver and team representatives, the Stewards noted that the driver did make a significant reduction in speed on entering the double waved flag zone.”

Apparently the German slowed down enough regardless of the DRS being deployed and that was enough to satisfy the stewards. There were several yellow flags Sunday na dit was a bit scary that the stalled car of Sebastian Vettel did not have yellow flags waving as marshals tried to push int behind the wall on a very high-speed section of the circuit.

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