Schumacher-Honda rumor?

Seems that while I was scoffing at Grace’s thought of Michael Schumacher saving the Brackley-based F1 team, she’s gone and started rumors that had to be denied. Ok, maybe it wasn’t her but there were rumors and they did have to be denied by the Schumacher PR corp.

Jan.6 (GMM) Michael Schumacher’s press spokeswoman has played down reports the retired seven time world champion might get involved in the rescue of the embattled Honda Racing F1 team.

It was suggested the 40-year-old could have been in talks with his former Ferrari colleague Ross Brawn, now the Brackley based team’s boss, about investing some of his own money in the wake of Honda’s decision to withdraw from the sport.

But to the German language portal, Schumacher’s representative Sabine Kehm rubbished the rumour.

“Ross and Michael are still friends, that’s true,” she said.

“But Michael’s involvement with Honda is limited to the IDM (German Superbike series),” Kehm added.

This still leaves the Schum open for Grace’s other idea of the Ferrari dream team assembling to take the helm of the FIA. :) Brawn, Todt and Michael running the FIA in blue and gold jumpers.

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