Schumacher in 2010? Three-car teams anyone?

Le Stampa has ran a story, picked up by Autosport so no…it wasn’t exclusively revealed…that has Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo hinting at a three-car team scenario for 2010 so he could run Michael Schumacher. good idea? Bad idea? What do you folks think? Leave your comments below.

I realize that the idea of Schumi coming back was huge. No questions. The fact that the veteran was even willing to is a bit of a miracle considering he has nothing to prove and presumably doesn’t need the cash. But he is a racer to the core. That is the prime mover. Nothing can remove the fierce competitive nature in this man that has him crashing motorcycles and willing to sit in an F1 car again.

Would a three-car team be a good idea for F1? My jury is out on that at the moment. Not sure how I feel about three McLaren’s running around punting the Ferrari’s but then again, we would have three chances to instill the Red Rule on unsuspecting dorks up and down the paddock. I think Schumi should come back as a developmental role but placing his life at risk for F1 good will and Ferrari test data is asking a lot and I doubt Schumi would lay down for the likes of Alonso, Hamilton and Kimi. He would want to beat them and that’s where it get dodgy.

So what are your thoughts on the matter? We need good opinion on this and what better place to find it than the terrific folks who comment at F1B?

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