Schumacher insists he’ll be back in 2011

Talking to the media before his home grand prix, Michael Schumacher has confirmed he will return to Formula 1 in 2011.

I guess F1 was a bit quick to write him off, huh?

Here’s what Schumacher had to say, via Autosport:

When asked to categorically confirm he will race for Mercedes GP in 2011, he said: “Yes.”

Asked to elaborate on his targets for next season, Schumacher added: “It is what I mentioned the other day – that I officially publicised when I rejoined F1 – which is to win the title. That is my focus and that is what I am here for.”

Schumacher also reckons that expectations on him had perhaps been set too high at the start of this season.

“Am I perfectly happy with my own performance? That is probably the wrong thing to say,” he said. “There is an expectation out there, but you have to be realistic that it is probably impossible to meet. To be out three years and start where I finished in a car that doesn’t allow me do it, is unrealistic.

“I will take my time. I enjoy most of it, this process. There are ups and downs and that is part of motorsport. I am very confident I can achieve it, which is what I am focusing for.”

It looks like others on the Internet are pulling these statements apart to come up with the storyline of “Michael targets 2011 title.”

That’s kind of a no-duh moment, right? Of course Schumacher is gunning for the championship next season, just as he started out this year — not matter what he says to explain his slow return — with is eye on the drivers championship for 2010.

I wonder if we will see news that Kimi Raikkonen has confirmed another year in WRC now. And maybe Vitaly Petrov will get his Renault seat? (I don’t know, any chance Adrian Sutil could slide in there?)

Reactions? Do you think given another year of training and preparing that Schumacher can make a real run at an eighth title?

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