Schumacher ‘is in a critical situation’ and ‘fighting for his life’

Doctors assembled this morning to release a statement and update the world on Michael’s condition:

“On his arrival we examined him clinically and realised he was in a serious conditions, in a coma with in fact cranial pressure,” Professor Stephan Chabardes said.

“The brain scan showed a number of pieces of information: some inter-cranial haematoma, but also some cerebral contusions and edema.

“We operated urgently to try and eliminate the haematoma and after the operation, we saw that we were able to eliminate these haematoma. But also, sadly, the appearance of various bilateral lesions, so he was taken to intensive care to try to help him.”

Doctors say that they are working hour-by-hour to help Michael and that it is too early to talk of future prognosis:

“For the moment, we are not able to express ourselves with regard to Michael Schumacher’s future,” Professor Payen added.

“We’re working all together, day and night, at his bedside. But it’s far too early to be able to say anything as far as prognosis is concerned.

“We’re currently not talking about after-effects; we’re talking about treatment and we’re working hour by hour.”

Friends Jean Todt and Ross Brawn have been to the hospital to visit and give their support as well as Schumacher’s friend and physician, Gerard Saillant, who is a leading brain surgeon and who assisted Schumacher when he broke his leg in the 1999 British Grand Prix. Saillant said:

“It’s just as a friend that I’m here, so I can’t answer any questions that are not in my domain,” he said.

“We’re all concerned by his state and it’s been extremely well explained, the doctors can’t tell you anymore.

“It’s not that they don’t want to or are not able to. They are working hour-by-hour and it’s at that level that one can make decisions.”

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