Schumacher: Kimi tire ‘blunder’?

As noted in the Malaysian Grand Prix review by the 5 Live crew and now carried by the German Press; Michael Schumacher may have been involved in the gamble to fit Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari with extreme wets on a dry track. The gamble would have paid off big if it had started raining within a lap or two but the clouds held their fruit for several laps leaving Kimi on severely worn tires as full-wets do not stand up to dry pavement running for very long.

While Stefano and Michael refused to comment on the allegations, Felipe Massa said:

“It had nothing to do with Michael.”

So the accusations fester and in the end I have to ask myself; who is running the team? Stefano or Michael? Throwing Michael to the wolves at this point is very suspect as he is an adviser and the last time I checked, the team manager makes the final call.

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