Schumacher leaving Ferrari program

Source: Haas F1 media

On the balance of it, things may not be looking that great for Mick Schumacher. It was announced that he would be leaving the Ferrari stable of drivers at the end of 2022 in what is said to be the natural end of his contract according to Adam Cooper over at Motorsport.

Mick has enjoyed a robust and full-throated support effort from Sebastian Vettel this year and perhaps the two could see the writing on the wall with the Veteran Vettel trying to create some support and buzz around Mick’s future in F1.

On one hand you can say that Mick has had a series of incidents and crashes that hasn’t flattered his time at Haas F1 and his inconsistency has most likely left him out of a seat at the US-owned team for 2023.

On the other hand, many young drivers have these incidents and it takes time to develop or at least that’s the notion but if you thought he may go to Sauber Alfa Romeo, Zho Guanyu is also a rookie and hasn’t suffered the same amount of crashes or inconsistency so I’m not sure there is room at the team for Mick as a Zho replacement.

It is rumored that Antonio Giovinazzi is the driver to replace Mick at Haas and that surprises me as I’m not sure they are gaining much given his performance at Sauber Alfa Romeo.

Alpine and Williams have seats but many believe Pierre Gasly may be in line for the former leaving Williams and some suggest Logan Sergeant may be the man for that team. Alpha Tauri seems to be eyeing Colton Herta over Schumacher so this leaves a big question…where does Mick go? Losing the Ferrari backing is a massive blow.

Williams seems the most likely to entertain his presence there but perhaps Mick will take a year out as a reserve driver. I find it odd that Ferrari wouldn’t retain him in such a reserve role as they have kept Daniil Kyat and Giovinazzi. Time will tell.

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Xean Drury

Well, that’s a bummer way to start a morning. Thank you as always for reporting the news though. Sooooo… Danny Ric, whatcha doin’? There’s a seat available at Haas.

This has been one doozy of a ‘Silly Season’ ~X8

P.S. Is there anything more British than a saying like ‘Silly Season’? So very British.

Paul Kiefer

So, then, two questions come to mind: Did he rise up too fast? Did his last name have a negative impact on him mentally? I think we can all agree that nobody could be Michael Schumacher. Not even his son could be that person. In the end, Mick has to make a name for himself. He can’t do that trying to be his dad. He can only be himself, and the sooner Mick realizes this, the better. He either needs to try and fail to be Michael, or he has to pursue his own path, whatever that may entail. If… Read more »


Mick goes to Alpine?
Also, the whole Alpine chasing Gasly may be a rumour started by Marko to stir up trouble.

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jiji the cat

it will be Doohan. Just a gut feeling.

Worthless Opinion

Giovinazzi is close but not good enough, never has been nor will. But Ferrari want an Italian driver so they keep trying, and as we’ve seen as clearly this year as, well, usual – Ferrari will do idiotic things for vanity’s sake and lose. As Auden said, they would rather be ruined than let their illusions of themselves die.

Xean Drury

I completely agree with your worthless opinion. Drivers like Gio, Latiffi, Stoffle, Mazepin, on and on, who have never really beaten their own team mates. Not that they’re ‘bad drivers’; they’re just not ‘next level’ drivers. I’m not sure why teams pursue them. Personally, if I ran the zoo, I’d take a look at their records, and rather place a one year bet on someone new. But alas, I lack the millions. ~X8