Schumacher offers to help ‘team order’ review

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It’s a bit like having the culprit make the rules but that’s exactly what Michael Schumacher says he’d like to do. According to the Times of India, the Veteran German driver would like to help the Sporting Working Group devise the new team orders regulation for the FIA.

This notion comes on the heels of the FIA announcement that Ferrari will not be punished further for their team orders incident in Germany this year. Look at it this way, he feels bad that former FIA president Max Mosley had to create the team order ban in the first place as it was his team and he who benefited from perhaps the most ham-fisted team order incident in Austria 2002. If anyone could give back to the sport, why not Schumacher? The Germans says having him as a part of the review would be a good idea:

“would be ideal (because) they need to find the right idea.”

Perhaps you feel it isn’t appropriate? I am not sure Schumacher would agree because team orders are a reality in F1 and what better way to finally get that dang Rosberg kid behind you than issuing team orders? I jest, of course.

In all reality, Schumacher has lived in both eras now and could offer some driver perspective on the issue. Truth is, there is no shortage of driver opinion on the matter and it, like fans opinions, ranges from endorsement to derision over the issue. Perhaps Schumacher could offer a perspective unique to the situation having been in bit teams, small teams, fast cars, slow cars, second driver, first driver and just about every other imaginable position in F1…then again so has Mark Webber so perhaps he would be a better person to ask and less stigmatizing to the process. Mark could lobby for the role by showing a clip of Austria 2002 juxtaposed with Turkey 2010. I think Mark would win the job based on his unyielding nature at Turkey.


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