Schumacher on the ‘idiot’, Senna says he’s innocent

Michael Schumacher makes a case for defensive moves and blocking in braking zones as the sun sets in Barcelona this evening. The 7-time champion collided with Williams F! driver Bruno Senna leaving both cars stranded and out fo the race.

From Schumacher’s perspective, Senna moved twice to defend his position and the frustrated German was not impressed having uttered the words ‘idiot’ on the radio to his team. Sky Sports has Schumacher’s answer when questioned if he called Senna an idiot:

“Yes, you guess right,” he said.

“I want the stewards to clarify what happened. He moved to the right, but he shouldn’t move back in the braking phase to the left that sharply. I’m just behind him and I don’t know how sharply he is going to move. So it was all very dangerous.”

“We had a chance of good points today so it is doubly frustrating. I have to say I don’t know what he was trying to prove but in Brazil last year he was driving into my car and today he was doing funny things.

“A lap before he had an accident together with Grosjean so I don’t know what he was going through his mind.”

From Senna’s point of view, things looked markedly different as AUTOSPORT revealed:

“Of course he’s not going to say it’s his own fault, but at the end of the day he had much newer tyres than me, I was on very old rubber by then, so I guess our braking points were uneven for Turn 1,” said Senna.

“I’d already seen Grosjean braking very late and hitting me into Turn 1, and I didn’t want Michael to do the same.

“When I went to brake, he probably just tried to cross and he hit me, so what can you do?”

At first blush it seemed a clear case of Schumacher running up the back of Senna but after further review, it amy not be quite that simple as there was a drift to the right and then quick move back to the left in the braking zone that caught Schumacher off guard. What do you think?  Racing incident? Senna to blame?  Schumacher to blame? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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