Schumacher return ‘not up for debate’

The former 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher has been named in various rumors as returning to the sport with the new Mercedes GP (formerly Brawn GP). While the thought of a return has excited many fans, it seems unlikely according to his personal publicist Sabine Kehm:

“Michael is enjoying his life. A return to Formula 1 is not a subject for debate at the moment,” said Kehm.

“For me, a return would be highly unlikely at the moment.”

Schumacher Kehm

While the return to the former glory days with team boss Ross Brawn and Mercedes may fan the flame of rekindled passion, it doesn’t actually sound feasible in my opinion as Schumacher is contracted to Ferrari as a consultant that more than likely prevents him from driving for other teams. Of course that is a huge assumption on my part but you can imagine Ferrari would want some protection from that possibility.

The rumor was set in serious motion when former team owner Eddie Jordan said it would happen. It seems that anything can happen in F1 and a return of schumacher would certianly place bums in seats as well as give Mercedes a serious chance for big sponsorship but in the end game, is this the best move for Schumacher?

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