Schumacher said no to Honda F1 buyout

Wisely Michael Schumacher said not to an enquiry about buying the beleaguered Brackley-based F1 team according to his manager Willi Webber. Apparently Mcihael was all too insightful to realize taking on the Magic 8-ball and Nick Fry was a untenable task and backed away slowly.

“There was an enquiry,” Weber confirmed to the Cologne newspaper Express, “but neither I nor Michael are going to take part in formula one in this way.

“Michael is happy with his life and – as far as motor racing is concerned – I am focused on (managing) the career of Nico Hulkenberg,” Weber added.

Look, he may be hitting bumps and falling off his bike but buying the Honda team and committing himself to this years committed budget does not make sense and even Michael knows that. Or could this all be the PR work of the mysterious Nick Fry?

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