Schumacher says he’s done with racing…completely


If you were 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher, would race in any other series? That’s the question Italian paper Gazetta dello Sport asked the German and his answer seemed definitive:

“Formula 1 offers the maximum as far as emotions, speed and work completeness are concerned. Another type of car wouldn’t give me the same feelings. I’m stopping here completely.”

He certainly doesn’t need to race for financial reasons unless he’s squandered millions on bad investments and he really has nothing to prove on his CV as he’s won more than anyone else in Formula One and beaten nearly every record. His return to racing taught him something else too:

“If I look into my life’s rear-view mirror, I find myself happy and smiling,” Schumacher said.

“I’ve had two distinct careers: one where I won everything, and a second one where I discovered what losing means.

“Yes, I’ve learned how to lose, but this has made me more mature and more patient too, partly thanks to my age.

“Today I have to consider what I have done overall and I’m satisfied with myself.”

If you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ll agree that life’s lesson gained from losing are immeasurable and it takes patience and humility to learn from them. No doubt Schumacher was most likely prepared to lose in the first year at Mercedes but I submit to you that he most likely felt they would turn the team around in three years and he could be winning again…that didn’t happen. With a CV like Schumacher’s you would think it stings to lose as much as he has over the last three years but it seems he’s reconciled that and is now ready for a life outside racing.

There is also a lesson in life that comes from making “never” statements and while he may not imagine any other possible series being compelling enough to entice him to drive, things can change and when I say “things”, I mean people. You never know how you wil approach certain issues and time is the grand equalizer. I’ll be honest, I’m making this case because I would love to see him race in the Le Mans series and try for the win at the 24 hour race. That would be a terrific feat and a fabulous race to watch.

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