Schumacher: ‘That’s motor racing’

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“It makes no sense to get angry about it, you have to accept it as part of the game and look ahead,” Michael Schumacher is saying about his DNF at the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend.

The statement comes on Schumacher’s official site.

“It is a shame that I could not finish the race but unfortunately one of the wheel nuts in the left rear was lost. The car suddenly was becoming very instable in turn 6 and I could hardly steer and had not drive left. I initially thought it was something to do with the suspension but after I had stopped I was there was one wheel nut lost. It is something very unusual to happen, in testing we never had problems with it. I would have obviously wanted to finish the race, and I think it could have worked out quite reasonably because I was able to kind of safe tyres for later. But in the end that is motor racing, I remember that very well. It makes no sense to get angry about it, you have to accept it as part of the game and look ahead. At least Nico scored our first podium finish, and I am happy for him and the team.”

Schumacher goes on to add, “I’m so happy for Nico, in fact, that I am giving him this 2×4, again and again and AGAIN and AGAIN!”

I haven’t seen much online “Schumacher is horrible” traffic today, as there was after Australia. I assume I would have run across it, so perhaps a true mechanical failure is giving the old guy a pass on criticism this week.

But as I noted in another post, as things stand we have Adrian Sutil with 10 championship points and Michael Schumacher with nine (in ninth and 10th place).

It isn’t just Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel as the only Germans besting him.


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