Schumacher=bad, Hamilton=good? That’s bunk!

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It seems the world champion and current points leader, Jenson Button, is not too happy about the pass put on him by 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher. The two came together when button was exiting the pits and Schumacher passed the Briton on the outside as the line eventually turned into the inside line on turn two and shut the door on the McLaren driver. ITV has Button quoted as saying:

“We had a problem with the clutch dragging so the pit stop took a lot longer, and that was it really.

“I didn’t really know where he was on the outside of me into turn one, and he turned in and if I didn’t back out of it, we would’ve crashed.

“He didn’t really give me a lot of room there.

“You would think with his experience, he would know…

Perhaps the answer to Button’s query is that the German veteran does know. In fact, Button need look no further than his own teammate to see what aggressive, defensive driving is when Lewis Hamilton stuffed Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel into the speed bumps when the re-entered the race from the first pit stop.

I was a tad animated when Hamilton forced Vettel wide and then blamed a back marker for his actions but it is racing, after all, and that is the way it goes. Reflecting in the situation, Hamilton was being aggressive and held his ground and that has to be admired.

What I am not willing to suggest is that Hamilton’s driving was “fast and loose and exciting” while McLaren’s Button suggests that Schumacher’s move was uncalled for. Pick one or the other boys…you don’t get both. You have an aggressive driver who has his way with about everyone on the grid so leveraging foul play when you are on the working end of it…well, that dog don’t hunt.

Michael Schumacher may not have won the race today and neither did Lewis Hamitlon (I was gutted for Hamilton as a wheel failure ruined an otherwise terrific race and drive for the young Britain). What Schumacher showed us today is that he is still talented and gave a class in defensive driving today on a circuit that is very difficult to pass on.

Hamilton showed us that McLaren is now, possibly, ahead of Ferrari in pace and that he is here to win. The young man does not give up and every drive is for the win…you have to appreciate the determination of this champion.

In my book, they both equal good and today was another glimpse of what makes them champions.


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