It has been along time since the Ferrari engine failed but alas, the timing was perfect for Fernando.  Michael’s engine gave way to what appears to be another championship for Alonso.  Although mathematically it is possible for Michael to still win the Drivers Championship; it is relying on a failure of Fernando’s engine and Renault have been too reliable to hope for that.  Anything can happen but I doubt it will in Brazil.

Michael’s honorable praise for his team and lack of blame shows, again, that he is a champion and will be severely missed.  A different response to failure than we saw from Fernando last week in China.  Then again, I have come to expect that from the 7-time champ.

Formula 1 will be fun next year but it will lack a certain gravity that Michael brought to the sport in spades.  He put butt’s in seats and made the sport what it is today.  He has conceded the WC to Fernando but he will always be a champion to this F1 fan.

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