Schumacher’s susperstition is serious business

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Not a big news story but just a fun fact file. They weren’t kidding about Michael Schumacher’s superstitious nature regarding odd and even numbers.

you’ll recall that Schumacher asked if he could trump teammate Nico Rosberg and take his car number “3” rather than the “4” car he was slated to take. Apparently he has a superstition about even numbers.

According the Mercedes GP’s blog, even his car parts are odd numbered:

Michael has a brand new gearbox getting fitted tonight which will start its four race cycle as governed by the FIA regulations. It is box number 15. Michael only has odd number gearboxes due to his superstition!

Now that is some serious superstition! Wonder how he gets along with Ross brawn so well as Ross was born in 1954 and that, as we all know, is divisible by two. Yikes!

Like I said, just a fun story…nothing to see here.


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